Dementia Concern is turning 39 on 21st October 2021! 

So we have set a birthday appeal target to raise £3900 towards supporting our work this upcoming year. This will help us continue to improve the lives of people in Ealing living with dementia and their loved ones. Please help us to meet this challenge by donating, sharing the appeal or even by running a mini-fundraiser yourself to support us!

£10 could help us to supply dementia-friendly, covid-safe puzzles and activities that will help engage and stimulate via our send-home packages or in our social clubs, or musical instruments that will be enjoyed by our musical café therapy group. 

£25 could help us to provide free transport for a person living with dementia to access our in-person social clubs and events while providing respite to their carer.

£50 could help us to help us towards hosting an in-person support event such as our music café therapy group, a digital inclusion workshop or to supply plants and dementia-friendly furniture for our sensory garden.

Why do we need your help?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic over we have continued to work with people living with dementia and their carers in Ealing. It's been a tough period, some of the individuals we support have been affected this year by covid illness, isolation and issues around digital exclusion. Members of our team have continued during the pandemic to visit homes, wearing appropriate protection, monitor vulnerable clients and provide advice to ensure essential care needs are being met and enabling people living with dementia and their carers to maintain their independence as long as posssible. These include Respite support workers, from our call & care home support service, Dementia Advisors and Link Workers as well as our community support workers and social clubs staff who have had to adapt to new ways of working to support our clients. 

More recently we have restarted our weekend social clubs, to provide somewhere for people living with dementia to go and give a time of respite to their carers. We run buses to provide free transport so everything is taken care of from the doorstep.

In the next year we also hope to introduce new services including a new Dementia Music Activity Cafe, digital skills support group sessions and a new sensory garden for people living with dementia to come and enjoy. These events make a huge difference to the quality of life of people living with dementia and their carers but we need both practical (e.g. our amazing volunteers) and financial support to bring our ideas to life and make a real difference to peoples lives.

Read Peter's story for a first-hand account of what it meant to receive support from Dementia Concern during Peter's illness with Parkinson's and Lewy body dementia.

Please support our birthday appeal this year and help us to keep providing this essential and meaningful care role for another year!

How our charity began

Dementia Concern supports people living with Dementia and their carers to live as independently as possible by providing dementia care services and  practical help.  

We have been providing information and support services for people with  dementia and their carers in the London Borough of Ealing since 1982 and  were founded by Frances English, with additional support from Roger  Beckett and Kulbir Gill. We began as a Relative Support Scheme which  provided a volunteer sitting service for elderly confused people. In 1986 we  merged with Age Concern Ealing Borough although we maintained our name  and standing committee. In 1993, Alzheimer's Concern Ealing (ACE) became  an independent organisation with a new board of trustees- all of whom were  carers or former carers of people with dementia. In August 2010 we changed  our name to Dementia Concern 

Dementia Concern has 60 staff members and 20 volunteers and works across  the London Borough of Ealing and beyond. It’s a unique charity with  specialist expertise in dementia developed over 26 years. The charity works  closely with local partners, GP surgeries and wider health organisations. The  direct services offered are Dementia Link Workers supporting acute health  needs, Information and Advice through Dementia Advisers, a Call and Care  Respite Service, Weekend Social Clubs at two venues, a Community Support  service for people with dementia living on their own, Dementia Cafés, a  Thursday group for those more active or in early stages of the disease, Carers  Support Groups and a Carers Voice newsletter. Dementia Concern currently  serves 1,120 People Living with dementia and 920 carers. The charity works  with people living with dementia with a spouse or carer, or those living alone  with no carer, or a carer living alone with carer living elsewhere, or those  living in long-stay care. Dementia Concern has continually developed  services to support the growing community need. By 2025 the number of  Ealing residents with late-onset dementia is projected to rise to 3,730, ten year increase of 34%.