This is a home respite service for people with dementia living at home with their carers and there is an hourly charge for this service. This service also provides for PLWD personal care needs, as well and their social needs, and the service is tailored to the need of both Carer and PLWD. 

Our Call and care service includes: 

  • Regular weekly visits at a time suitable for you provided by the same care attendant- available on weekdays and weekends. 
  • Occasional visits to enable carers to attend appointments and family events or deal with emergency situations.
  • Overnight visits for carers of people with dementia who become disoriented at night leading to disturbed sleep patterns, enabling the carer to get an undisturbed nights sleep. 
  • Care attendants provide all the care needed by people with dementia when they visit. They offer mental stimulation through conversation and activity such as going out for walks, doing seated exercise, compiling a life-history book, listening to their favourite music and looking at family/ holiday photographs. 

The Call and Care service supports carers and enables them to have a well earned break, to enjoy doing whatever they want. Some of our carers shop, go to the gym, swim, meet up with friends, have an undisturbed soak in the bath, join a local club or attend meetings and religious events. The choice is endless and their own. 

For current prices please contact [email protected]

This service is regulated, monitored and inspected by Care Quality Commission. You can read our most recent inspection report here.