Dementia Advisers are named workers for people with dementia. They assess people with dementia and their carers and provide advice, information, support, monitoring and client representation as appropriate. The Advisors are the first point of contact for people with dementia, their carers and  other professionals who may need advice and support to access Dementia Concern, then referred to outside services. They complete home visits to assess the needs of person with dementia and the carers and cover advice and information on a wide range of subjects. They go above and beyond for their clients and stay with them from beginning to end of their time with Dementia Concern. This service is free of charge. 

Our Advisers visit people with Dementia and support them in a number of different ways: 

Client Representation

Our staff advocate on behalf of the carer and the person with dementia in accessing services and representing them at meetings. We also link in and liaise with a range of organisations and professionals to coordinate care and services. 

Advice and Information

We advise and inform the carer about all aspects of dementia, how to care more effectively for a relative or friend with dementia, and all the services available. If they are interested, we will then refer them to the other services offered by the charity, such as community support workers or the call and care respite services. We also give specialist advice and assistance on things like welfare benefits. 

Monitoring and Support

We provide a monitoring service for those carers who have initially said they do not need any specific help, in case their situation changes. We support other carers on an ongoing basis to help them come to terms with the diagnosis of dementia and relieve some of their stress. With support, carers are more able to understand their role and to make appropriate decisions in relation to caring.

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