In 2022 we will be launching our new program of digital inclusion support to provide basic digital skills training and support to carers.

Device Loan Scheme

We are currently seeking funding and we hope to soon run a tablet loan scheme or similar. More information will be published here in due course. 

Essential Digital Skills Support

Subject to COVID-19 restrictions, we will be offering simple training and support to some of our clients and their carers to help them build confidence using digital devices and accessing essential services online.  This will be loosely based around the National Standards for Essential Digital Skills, and adapted to suit the specific needs of our clients and their carers, covering the following key areas:

  1. Foundation Skills
  2. Communicating
  3. Using a device and handling information
  4. Creating and Editing
  5. Transacting
  6. Being safe and responsible online

More information will be posted here in due course.

Have Your Say

If you would like to have a say on this topic on behalf of someone you know who has difficulties accessing digital services, you are welcome to complete our anonymous online survey to help grow our understand the digital inclusion needs within our community. To complete the our survey please click on the button below:

Digital Inclusion Public Survey