Leaving a Gift in Your Will

A Gift in Your Will

As a charity, Dementia Concern relies on people’s generosity to fund our work. One important source of income is gifts in wills. These help us to deliver our existing services and to develop new ones, as the needs arise. They are a vital source of funds, without which we would struggle to provide the support local people need.

Our vision is for a world where all local families affected by dementia get the care and support they need. If you have received support from Dementia Concern and would like to show your thanks, or if you share our vision and wish to help other affected families in the future, please help turn this into reality by remembering our work in your will.

We know that you will wish to provide for your loved ones first but, after you have done this, if there is scope to remember our work too, we would be very grateful for your support. It will make such a difference to those affected by dementia.

Examples of Recent Gifts in Wills

In recent years, our work has benefited from the support of local people. Here are just three examples:


We received a generous legacy of over £100,000 from a lady with dementia we had supported. By chance, there was a one year gap in funding for the Community Dementia Service (which she had been receiving) and the legacy was used to maintain this until we obtained on-going funding from Ealing Primary Care Trust.


Harry Stevens received Dementia Concern services over a period of time and wanted to give something back to the charity so that other people could benefit in the same way. He was also a trustee for several years. Shortly after he died, Dementia Concern received a legacy of £10,000.


Carer Brian Desmond benefited from services provided by Dementia Concern over a number of years. After his wife died, he remained involved with the charity by joining our former carers’ group and helping with newsletter mailings at the office. He left a gift of £24,000 in his will to Dementia Concern.

Each of these examples shows how local people have generously supported our work, enabling Dementia Concern to continue delivering our vital services to other people with dementia and their carers.

Types of Gifts

Gifts in wills come in different types and sizes. Some people like to leave a cash sum, linked to the retail price index. Others leave a share of their estate, or sometimes the whole estate, to their favourite charity. Some people also leave possessions, such as jewellery or paintings as gifts in their will. It is entirely your choice what you decide to do.

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