My Life Films is an award winning dementia charity that makes films about the lives of people living with dementia. The personalised films improve their quality of life and quality of care. Their work is funded by donations, grants and community fundraising and their mission is to make a film package available for every person with dementia in the UK.

At Dementia Concern, we have been engaging with My Life Films and believe this is a positive opportunity for those living with dementia that we support. Read below and visit their website links below to find out more and register interest.

The film package

My Life Films make a standard film package that consists of two films:

The Life Story film: a 30-minute biography of the person’s life. It is made up of ten chapters showing their best memories from birth to the present. It features images from family albums, interviews with the person and their family members and favourite music tracks.

The Profile film: a 5-minute introduction to the person’s life. It is a shortened version of the Life Story film, with a voiceover, instead of interviews, to narrate their unique history.

Using the Films
The film package has several different uses and benefits:

The Life Story film is watched by the person with dementia on a regular basis, and is a reminiscence tool. It boosts their mood and helps them to feel proud of their life and achievements. It also stimulates them to talk about their happy memories with other people more.

The Profile film is watched by care workers as a quick, engaging introduction to the person’s life, helping them to look beyond the illness and see the unique person. It helps care workers to communicate better with the person, improving their relationship and improving their quality of care.

Both films provide a wonderful, lasting memory of the person for family and friends that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

The filmmaking process

The filmmaking takes place over 4 sessions at the person’s home. They aim to complete each film package within 8 weeks of the initial meeting.

First, they have the initial meeting with the star and a member of their family at home, discussing their life story, what they want to have included in the film and going through what has been prepared.

In the next meeting, the family bring the material for the film and have it sorted into the relevant chapters for the filmmaker to scan. At this point, music tracks will be chosen that are the star’s favourites or classics from the period of a chapter.

The filming session is planned carefully with the family and is considerate of how active the star is. The filmmaker will conduct individual interviews with the star and a limited number of family members.

Approximately 2 weeks after the filming session, the film will be ready for the premiere. You can choose how you would like to premiere the film, some people watch it in their living room with the family, others have organised screenings in their local community centre and invited all their family and friends. You will also receive copies of the films on DVD and a link and password to watch the film online. This means that the films can be watched on any digital device.

How to get involved

For more information please visit the My Life Films website and complete the enquiries form if you are interested in making a film:

My Life Films website Enquiries Form

My Life TV

My Life TV is an on-demand, subscription based TV service that has content specifically curated for the cognitive needs of those living with dementia. There’s a variety of content including animal and nature programmes, gardens, feel-good programmes, lots of quizzes, archive news, popular TV shows from 1960s & 1970s and more.

You can find out more on their website:

My Life TV website