At Dementia Concern, our goal is to provide a helping hand at any moment in time to those living with dementia and their loved ones. Our deep-rooted passion means we are committed to constantly improving our services and expertise in order to provide the best person-centred care possible and are proud to be the first charity to work directly with the NHS and local GPs. Our diverse family of carers and volunteers are the heartbeat within our organisation that bring support and light to you and your loved ones. There are over 200 different types of dementia and at Dementia Concern, our mission is to be the most trusted, dedicated and personal dementia charity in London, whenever you need us. We want to lead dementia care from the heart. Because dementia doesn’t discriminate.

Dementia Concern supports people living with Dementia and their carers to live as independently as possible by providing dementia care services and practical help. The charity was established in 1992 by Francis English and has 60 staff members and 20 volunteers and works across the London Borough of Ealing and beyond. 
It’s a unique charity with specialist expertise in dementia developed over 26 years. The charity works closely with local partners, GP surgeries and wider health organisations, such as the West London Mental Health Trust. The direct services offered are Dementia Link Workers supporting acute health needs, Information and Advice through Dementia Advisers, a Call and Care Respite Service, Weekend Social Clubs at two venues, a Community Support service for people with dementia living on their own, Dementia Cafés, a Thursday group for those more active or in early stages of the disease, Carers Support Groups and a Carers Voice newsletter. 
The charity works with people living with dementia with a spouse or carer, or those living alone with no carer, or a carer living alone with carer living elsewhere, or those living in long-stay care. Dementia Concern has continually developed services to support the growing community need. By 2025 the number of Ealing residents with late-onset dementia is projected to rise to 3,730, a ten-year increase of 34%. Dementia Concern currently serves 1,300 people living with dementia and 945 carers, with this projected increase in patients and carers the charity hopes and continually works towards meeting this future demand.