As a service line within West London NHS Health Trust (WLNHT), Ealing Community Partners (ECP) is a group of NHS, Ealing Council and voluntary organisations working together to deliver community health and care services for the people of Ealing. ECP strongly believes that partnership working with Ealing's voluntary sector is crucial to improving care for people and communities in the borough building upon the NHS Five Forward View which highlights the need for closer cross-sector working to address the wider determinants of health. To this end ECP is working in collaboration with Dementia Concern to support Ealing residents and their carers affected by dementia. As such ECP commissions Dementia Concern to provide: 

  • Dementia Link Workers- Working alongside primary care, GPs (via the 8 GP networks) and Cognitive Impairment Dementia Service (CIDS provided by WLNHT) to provide support and advice so that people experiencing cognitive difficulties are given appropriate information and referred to required services in a timely manner. Dementia Link Workers will have a key role as the named link worker for people with a diagnosis of dementia and their carers. This will involve linking people into appropriate service provision by working closely with primary and secondary care services, LBE and other voluntary sector organisations.
  • Dementia Support Service- Provides three distinct areas of support- Dementia Advisers; Community Support Service; and Weekend Day Care. 
    • Dementia Advisers will provide people with dementia and carers support to obtain access to health and social care services and welfare benefits/ financial advice. Carers will be better informed about dementia and its effects. Other care professionals, e.g. GPs, home carers, district nurses and care managers, will be kept up-to-date about the situation of people with dementia. People with dementia and their carers will be enabled to make informed choices about their lives and situation and have a say as to how services are provided. 
    • Community Support Service will support people with dementia living along enabling them to live effectively in their own homes and thereby avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and going into long-stay care. People with dementia living along will be supported to have a higher quality of life including taking part in their local communities. The service will provide information, support and reassurance to carers and family members who are not in regular contact as well as key professionals. 
    • Weekend Day Care service is provided to people with dementia in a safe environment to interact and take part in activities with support and to meet people and make friends. Carers are provided with information and advice about other services, opportunities and support and signposted where appropriate. The Carers in greatest need receive timely respite that is quality assured.