At Dementia Concern, our goal is to provide a helping hand at any moment in time to those living with dementia and their loved ones. Our deep-rooted passion means we are committed to constantly improving our services and expertise in order to provide the best person-centred care possible and are proud to be the first charity to work directly with the NHS and local GPs. Our diverse family of carers and volunteers are the heartbeat within our organisation that bring support and light to you and your loved ones. There are over 200 different types of dementia and at Dementia Concern, our mission is to be the most trusted, dedicated and personal dementia charity in London, whenever you need us. We want to lead dementia care from the heart. Because dementia doesn’t discriminate.

Our Mission 

Dementia Concern supports people living with dementia and their carers to live as independently as possible by providing dementia care services and practical help. 

Our Vision 

To be the most trusted, dedicated and personal dementia charity in London by providing the highest quality, most effective care to those living with dementia and their affected loved ones. These services will be innovative, user led, high quality and cost-effective. 

The key beliefs that drive our vision are based on the head, heart and hands. 

Head: Our staff have a vast range of knowledge, expertise and experience in what they do and our NHS authority gives us credibility. 

Heart: Our passion for what we do is evident in the personal connections we make with clients. 

Hands: We have a huge family of support workers, carers and volunteers involved across our services. 

Our Story

Our Partners

Our Team