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At Dementia Concern, our goal is to provide a helping hand at any moment to those living with dementia and their loved ones. Here are some real-life stories.

An older man wearing glasses and a white beard

Ali's Story

In early 2018, my husband Ali was diagnosed as suffering from Dementia
A smiling older man with glasses

Ben's Story

I had been concerned about Ben's behaviour for a while, so when he was diagnosed with vascular dementia, it was not a shock to me.
An older woman with pink dyed hair laughs

Mary's Story

Mary's Story. Living with dementia is scary! And I mean scary for the person who has it and for their carers.
An older man wearing headphones and green beanie hat

Peter's Story

Peter lived in Ealing and had Parkinson's with Lewy body dementia, he was cared for at home by his wife, Glynis.