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Our Story

Providing support services since 1982

Dementia Concern has been providing support services for people with dementia and their carers in the London Borough of Ealing since 1982. The organisation was founded by Frances English, with additional support from Roger Beckett and Kulbir Gill.

We began as a Relative Support Scheme, providing a volunteer sitting service for confused elderly people. In 1986, under the name Alzheimer's Concern Ealing, we merged with Age Concern Ealing, although we maintained our name and standing committee. In 1993, we became an independent organisation with a new board of trustees, all of whom were carers or former carers of people with dementia. In August 2010, we changed our name to Dementia Concern.

What We Do

Dementia Concern supports people with dementia so they can live as independently as possible. We achieve this by providing dementia care services and practical assistance.

We are a unique charity with specialist expertise. We have developed our knowledge over many years by working closely with local partners, GP surgeries and wider health organisations, such as the West London NHS Trust.

The direct services offered are:

  • Dementia link workers supporting acute health needs
  • Information and advice through dementia advisers
  • Weekend social clubs at two venues
  • Community support service for people with dementia living alone
  • Dementia caf├ęs for patients and their carers
  • Activities for carers

We work with people with dementia who live with a spouse or carer, those living alone with no carer or with a carer living elsewhere, and those living in long-stay care.

Dementia Concern services are continuously developed to support the growing community need. By 2025, the number of Ealing residents with late-onset dementia is projected to rise to 3,730, which is a ten-year increase of 34%.

Dementia Concern currently serves 1,300 people living with dementia and 945 carers. With this projected increase in service users, we will continue to strive toward meeting this future demand.