Peter lived in Ealing and had Parkinson's with Lewy body dementia. He was cared for at home by his wife, Glynis, throughout his illness. This meant he was able to maintain an independent quality of life for longer.

Glynis was supported by Dementia Concern throughout Peter's illness. Here, in her own words, she describes what this support meant to her.

My late husband Peter developed Parkinson's and Parkinson's dementia, often known as Lewy body dementia, so he was both physically and mentally disabled.

I cared for him, and, at the same time, I was supporting my elderly mother who lived nearby. I don't know how I would have survived without the help of Dementia Concern.

Dementia Concern gave me advice when I needed it. They also collected Peter every Saturday morning and took him to their social club where they provided friendship, entertainment and a lunch. This enabled me to spend quality time with my mother.

We are so fortunate in Ealing to have this charity, but it needs our support if it's to continue its vital work.

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