Over the next few weeks, we'll be introducing the amazing team of runners taking on the 2024 London Marathon for Dementia Concern

Here's Helen!

Helen's Story

Thank you for taking time to visit my page and read my story. I am so touched and excited to be running the London Marathon for Dementia Concern. It’s a charity close to my heart because my dad was diagnosed with dementia in 2020 and my mum is his full time carer.

I’ve seen how hard it’s been for them both. My dad, having to come to terms with such a cruel disease and my mum having to accept it all and just get on with taking care of him in a way you hope you never have to, for a loved one.

My mum is an absolute star being his full time carer. My dad says, “she’s a cracker, is my Sue” and I can’t agree more!! She has so much strength to get up and continue to face challenges, seeing her husband change and having to do more and more for him. She is a true hero. As are all the carers out there, doing the same thing. That’s why charities like Dementia Concern are so vital to make sure people in this situation are heard and supported.

I can’t wait to run the London Marathon! It’s a bucket list thing and I am already training hard thanks to great neighbours and friends joining me out for runs along our beautiful river Thames! I know thinking of them and my parents as I cross that line will have me in tears no doubt!

Any contribution you can give to a worthy cause is so much appreciated! I will continue to share my training journey with you along the way.

Thank you!

Helen's Fundraising Page

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